Our Attractions


Our specially designed EYFS sessions take place within DIG and make full use of all areas of the attraction, including the DIG pits, garden and early years area. Each session includes storytelling and a craft activity, as well as games and object handling, which are all themed around your chosen topic. DIG is a great place for young learners to engage with archaeology and learn more about the past through hands-on exploration and play.


JORVIK Viking Centre

Young learners will enjoy the immersive experience of the Viking city of Jorvik, taking in the sights, sounds and smells of the past. Early Years groups are welcome to explore the remains of Viking streets, objects, clothes and weapons and meet some of the Viking inhabitants of this important settlement.


Barley Hall

Barley Hall has a range of tours and workshops that can be adapted to learners at Early Years Foundation Stage. This medieval merchant’s townhouse is ready to be explored and pupils can have a go at the servants’ jobs or learn about life for children in a medieval city. Please see the Key Stage 1 & 2 listings for more information.


Richard III and Henry VII Experiences

Based at Monk Bar and Micklegate Bar, these two attractions form part of York’s famous walls. Young learners are welcome to learn about how these two gateways helped people to defend the city, and what life was like living in Medieval York. These attractions are new for 2014 and feature dedicated ‘learn and play’ areas for pupils to explore.