JORVIK Workshops

Our Viking workshops are still available as they take place at DIG, just five minutes walk from JORVIK Viking Centre.

Bring the Viking Age to life on your school visit to York

Viking Battle Tactics

It’s time to prepare for battle! Discover some of the causes of raiding and warfare in Viking times, see some of the weapons that were used, and then have a go at re-enacting Viking strategies for the battlefield.

Viking Sagas

Experience the magic of Viking Sagas and poetry. Our skald (a Viking storyteller) will help you understand the importance of stories of gods, giants and heroes in Viking society. Listen to stories and poetry heard by Vikings over a thousand years ago, help re-enact a myth about Thor and his hammer and have fun with Viking riddles or ‘kennings’.

Anglo-Saxon & Viking Costume

Learn about the clothing that settlers wore in Jorvik and give your pupils a chance to dress up in some examples. Hear how costume reflected status, and find out why it was just as important to be fashionable in Anglo-Saxon and Viking times as it is today!

Anglo-Saxon & Viking Medicine

Where did Anglo-Saxons go to get medical cures? Who would treat an injured Viking warrior? Learn how plants, animals, insects and even magic were used to cure ailments of the past. Hear about some of the dramatic measures that were taken and decide which cures you think would work best.

Outreach & Virtual Outreach

Can’t make it to York? Let us come to you! Invite a real life Viking to your school through our Outreach programme. Find out more here.

Curriculum Links

See how our workshops relate to various subjects on the curriculum for Key Stage 1/2 here.

Risk Assessments

See the risk assessments for our workshops by clicking here.

Updated School Visit Booking Process

Due to an increase in demand we are recommending booking your visit at least six weeks in advance to guarantee the perfect experience for your school. For more information please visit the updated school visit booking process page.

Find out more

For more information about any of these topics, or to book a session for your group, please call our Reservations team on 01904 615505 or contact us direct here.