Richard III and Henry VII Experience Tours & Activities

Your visit to either the Richard III Experience at Monk Bar or the Henry VII Experience at Micklegate Bar will include a guided tour of the Bar by a medieval guide, who will encourage your students to apply problem solving and creative thinking to enhance their understanding of the past. The second part of your visit will include themed medieval activities: Medieval Battles and Sieges at the Richard III Experience and Crime and Punishment at the Henry VII Experience.

Explore war and conflict in medieval England at two historic bars.

Medieval Day

Join us as we explore the medieval city of York through three fantastic attractions (Richard III Experience, Henry VII Experience and Barley Hall), plus a guided walk across the city’s medieval landscape. This exploration of the York of the medieval period takes in city walls, fortified gateways, guild halls, churches and the splendid residence of the city’s fifteenth-century mayor, and contrasts conditions in the city today with those of the Middle Ages.


Medieval Battles and Sieges at the Richard III Experience

Explore the development of York’s fortifications and the tumultuous history of the city through this fun tour with themed activities. With a focus on the battles of the Wars of the Roses and their impact on city life, the tour will encourage students to look at weapons, architecture and strategies in battle and siege.

Crime and Punishment at the Henry VII Experience

Find out how York’s lawbreakers were dealt with in medieval and Tudor times in the forbidding surroundings of Micklegate Bar, where traitors’ heads were displayed in years gone by. Decide if the punishment fitted the crime as you explore justice in the medieval city, where king, Church, sheriff and mayor all had a say!