Our Attractions

JORVIK Viking Centre

An outing to Jorvik Viking Centre gives students the opportunity to learn about the real Viking settlement of Jorvik that stood on-site one thousand years ago. Your group will have the chance to explore the Viking street of Coppergate, see how it was discovered and investigate the evidence left behind. Jorvik offers a unique learning experience for your school groups, allowing them to see, smell, hear and even touch the past.



DIG is an exciting attraction which enables learners to engage with archaeology first hand and explore how archaeologists recreate the past. Students can handle genuine artefacts from 2000 years of York’s history and explore DIG’s changing programme of innovative exhibitions.

DIG is located approximately five minutes’ walk from the JORVIK Viking Centre.


Barley Hall

Visiting Barley Hall gives pupils the chance to experience life inside a merchant’s townhouse in the early Tudor period. Pupils of all ages and abilities will have the opportunity to get involved and learn about Tudor living as the Hall is brought to life by our costumed gallery staff.

Barley Hall is located approximately ten minutes’ walk from both JORVIK and DIG.


Richard III and Henry VII Experiences

A trip to the Richard III Experience at Monk Bar and the Henry VII Experience at Micklegate Bar enables you and your class to learn about the influential reigns of Richard III and Henry VII and the events of the Wars of the Roses. By exploring two of York’s major monuments, Monk Bar and Micklegate Bar, you and your class can also discover the role they played in York’s medieval past, and how their history was shaped by the strife and ceremony of this period of conflict.

Monk Bar and Micklegate Bar are located on the city walls, approximately fifteen minutes’ walk each from JORVIK and DIG.