Educational Visits at JORVIK Viking Centre

Ever since it first opened in 1984, JORVIK Viking Centre has been a hugely successful visitor attraction and museum thanks to its innovative style and presentation techniques, which are ideally suited to inspiring young learners about the Viking period. Built on the very site where archaeologists discovered over 40,000 Viking-age objects, JORVIK is an immersive experience for you and your class to explore, where you can see, smell, hear and even touch the past.

Return of the Vikings


You will be greeted by your Viking guide outside JORVIK, in the modern surroundings of the Coppergate shopping centre, where you will discover how archaeologists made stunning finds in the ground beneath your feet, bringing the hidden remains of the Viking city to light. Next, you will venture deep underground to our Discover Coppergate gallery. Here, at Viking street level, is a spectacular recreation of the archaeological site, with video from the original excavation and a chance to hear the voices of the people who dug here.


Board your time capsule and get ready to experience life in a Viking city for yourself! Our ride features stunning animatronics to bring the residents of Coppergate back to life, complete with sights, sounds and even smells! The street and its inhabitants are recreated from the archaeological finds; audio narration is by a local boy, Toki, who accompanies you for the whole of your journey, and acts as your guide to the traders, travellers, storytellers and priests who mingle in this multicultural city in the year 960.


Rejoin your Viking guide to explore our artefacts gallery, where you can get up close to finds from the famous Coppergate dig. From personal belongings such as socks and combs, to trade goods like pans and knives, your pupils can even handle some of these rare finds. Spectacular loans from the British Museum of weaponry from Viking England and treasures from Viking Gotland have been added to the display, providing yet more glimpses into the lives of the Vikings, their jobs, pastimes, beliefs and diets.

Additional JORVIK Experiences

You can also take advantage of our hands-on archaeology tours, Viking archaeology handling and a range of exciting Viking-themed workshops at our sister attraction, DIG.

Our Outreach and Virtual Outreach programme is still available, with the opportunity to have one of our Viking re-enactors visit your classroom, or to have your questions to a Viking answered via Skype, wherever you are in the world.

Also, our Viking Loan Box contains everything you need for a fun and interactive lesson, with replicas and activities that let the class get hands-on with the Viking Age.

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