Risk Assessments

Please find below a list of up to date risk assessments for our workshops and attractions.


  1. JORVIK Viking Centre
  2. DIG: An Archaeological Adventure
  3. Barley Hall
  4. Richard III Experience at Monk Bar
  5. Henry VII Experience at Micklegate Bar


  1. Anglo-Saxon and Viking Costume Workshop
  2. Anglo-Saxon and Viking Medicine Workshop
  3. Burials and Beliefs Workshop
  4. Crime and Punishment Workshop
  5. Hearth and Home Workshop
  6. Historic Dance Workshop 
  7. Life in a Roman Town Workshop
  8. Medieval Battles and Sieges Workshop
  9. Medieval Manners Workshop 
  10. Tracks of the Past Workshop 
  11. Trade and Exploration Workshop
  12. Traders, Looters and Settlers Workshop
  13. Tudor Medicine Workshop 
  14. Tudor School Workshop
  15. Tudor Weapons Workshop
  16. Viking Battle Tactics Workshop
  17. Viking Sagas Workshop
  18. General advisory statement on products and materials used in workshops by The JORVIK Group