The JORVIK Group Takes a Light-hearted Look At Historic Vs. Modern Travel

Released 28/07/2015

What would a medieval knight make of modern day aircraft baggage allowances?  Or how would a Viking cope with restrictions on hand luggage when he has mead and livestock to take with him?  These scenarios are explored in a series of light-hearted video clips being released by the JORVIK Group to make the launch of its new PastPort ticket!

The short clips take characters from the JORVIK Group’s five attractions and put them into situations that their modern contemporaries would recognise very well, but which even the most seasoned medieval traveller would not comprehend.

“Over the centuries, the rules of travel have changed radically, and we wondered what kind of obstacles some of our historic characters might face if they were to undertake voyages today,” comments director of attractions for the JORVIK Group, Sarah Maltby.  “Today, we can hop on a ‘plane to the other side of the world without thinking twice, but for Vikings, a long journey meant planning ahead for every possible eventuality, and in the case of the Norse men and women who came to our part of the world, making sure they had all the paraphernalia required not only for the journey but also to create a new life for themselves on the banks of the Ouse.”

The videos were mostly filmed at Leeds Bradford International Airport, where holidaymakers were bemused to see a host of historic characters and livestock wandering around the airport – and no doubt relieved that their journey through the check-in process would be substantially easier than their historic counterparts.  The films will be released over the coming weeks on the JORVIK Group’s website, at and on the Group’s YouTube channel,

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