Fearsome Craftsmen

Discover the Artistry of the Viking World

This exhibition is on display at The Harris Museum, Preston from 15th June to 26th August 2019.

Vikings made ordinary things to serve their everyday needs but they decorated them with designs which reveal the true spirit of the Viking Age. This exhibition allows you to discover how these Fearsome Craftsmen working over 1,000 years ago turned simple materials into complex objects.

In this exhibition you can see how Vikings made everything they needed from natural materials. Antler, bone and horn could be turned into combs, knife handles and jewellery. Wood was vital for everything from houses and furniture to spoons and bowls. Leather from animal hides made shoes, belts and scabbards. Smiths turned ores into iron, lead and copper. Potters made clay into pottery. Dyed and woven wool was transformed into colourful cloth.

Viking Woman at Loom

Blacksmiths became the stuff of Viking legend. The smith Volund forged golden rings for his Valkyrie wife. The wicked smith Regin made the hero Sigurd’s wondrous sword, Gram (‘wrath’) ‘…when he drew it from the forge…it seemed as if flames were playing about the edges….’. Wielding Gram, Sigurd slew the dragon Fafnir. In our unique children’s area you can explore these stories and discover Norse myths and legends through interactive play.

“The Kirk Session of Govan and Linthouse Parish Church want to express our delight at the quality of work done by the York Archaeological Trust (The JORVIK Group) in the redisplay of the Govan Stones. The lighting and signage mean that visitors are able to wander around at their own pace and the increased publicity has already brought about an increase in the number of visitors”

Elsie WK Donald
Session Clerk – Govan and Linthouse Parish Church