Further Information

What you get from us:

  • Professional service – From the moment you enquire you will have the benefit of working with professional and helpful staff who will provide comprehensive support and liaison throughout the exhibition process.
  • Engaging and informative content – Our touring exhibitions include genuine artefacts, interpretation material and family friendly content. All of our exhibitions have different themes and we review the exact content on a venue by venue basis. The inclusion of artefacts is subject to meeting the required environmental and security conditions. Visit the exhibition pages for further information.
  • Full installation support – The Exhibitions Team are responsible for the installation and removal of the exhibition, providing the right number of staff and the necessary tools and equipment to complete the job within the expected timeframe. We will work with the hiring venue to design a comprehensive layout ahead of the installation.
  • Collections support – We provide direct liaison with our Collections Team, who will provide the necessary documentation such as facilities reports, loan agreements and condition reports. The team will also be responsible for designing the case layouts and installing the artefacts.
  • Marketing – As standard, venues are provided with the JORVIK Group logo, relevant images and copy text to be used on their own marketing material for the exhibition.
  • Extras – As well as the exhibition content, the JORVIK Group can provide additional material related to marketing, learning and events. Please get in touch for more details.

What we need from you:

  • Display Cases – We ask the venue to provide the necessary display cases for the exhibition content. For items that are less commonly displayed, such as human remains, specific display cases can be provided by the JORVIK Group.
  • Environmental Conditions – We require our objects to be displayed in the correct environmental conditions for their age and material, including the temperature, relative humidity and lighting levels. The hiring venue should be able to maintain and monitor the correct conditions for the duration of the hire period, both within the gallery and the display cases.
  • Insurance – The hiring venue will need to provide insurance cover up to the value of £30,000 to cover the exhibition content.
  • Brand Guidelines – To ensure that there is a consistent look and feel to all our touring exhibitions, we ask hiring venues to adhere to our JORVIK Group Brand Guidelines when developing marketing material and signage related to the exhibition. We also ask that there are no elements added to the exhibition without prior agreement.

If you have any questions regarding this information please contact;

Sarah Taylor – Exhibitions Manager
staylor@yorkat.co.uk / 01904 543425