New Exhibitions

The JORVIK Group is always working on new exhibition projects. Be the first to book one of these exciting new developments! For any further information, you can contact Sarah Taylor directly on 01904 543425, or via

Magic & Mystery

This exhibition is currently on display at Barley Hall, York, and we now are taking enquiries from touring venues.

Be transported back to a time of superstition, strange remedies and fantastical beliefs. Magic & Mystery explores the fine line between science, religion and magic in medieval society.

Magic & Mystery banner

Visitors can find out about witches and wizards, alchemy and experimentation, protective charms and forecasting the future through prophecies and dreams.

Using both archaeological and documentary evidence from the period, Magic and Mystery showcases a thought-provoking and often misinterpreted feature of medieval culture.

Following its debut at Barley Hall, Magic & Mystery will be adapted to tour. We are now taking enquiries from venues who are interesting be the exhibition’s first venue outside of York, for hire periods from summer 2020 onwards.

“It is easy to forget that modern science has explained many mysteries of the world around us, but in medieval times, strange phenomena that we now know to have perfectly logical explanations would have appeared magical, and this is what our Magic & Mystery exhibition explores.”

Sarah Maltby
Director of Attractions – York Archaeological Trust


Feasting & Fighting

We are looking to work with a premiere venue for this new exhibition and are taking enquiries from 2020 onwards.

Discover the importance of food and conflict like never before with our new exhibition, Feasting and Fighting.

Feasting & Fighting banner

Experience the extravagance of a Tudor feast, and explore the evidence that has told us so much about decadent life in the court of Henry VIII.

Visitors to the exhibition can discover the lavish diets and menus of the Tudor period alongside a variety of themed children’s activities.

“We have always found it a pleasure to work with the JORVIK Group and have thought their medieval themed exhibitions to be of a consistently high quality.”

Lauren Marshall
Hall Manager & Audience Development Officer – The York Company of Merchant Adventurers