Life and Death in Viking Britain

This exhibition is on display at The Beacon Museum, Whitehaven from 29th June to 29th September 2019.

This fascinating exhibition brings together important Viking burial findings, objects that explore everyday life in Britain 1,000 years ago and the latest archaeological research techniques.

Displaying significant artefacts from excavations in York, including two Viking-age skeletons that were unearthed in the city, this exhibition examines how excavations can reveal the way in which Vikings commemorated and celebrated their dead using pagan boat burials, grave goods and ornately carved headstones.

Valhalla Exhibition for Hire

Life in Britain during the 9th and 10th centuries is explored through everyday objects that reveal that the Vikings were not only invaders and warriors but also explorers, traders, and craftsmen.

A special hands-on children’s area creates a world where puppetry and play encourages you to find out about Norse myths and sagas, and includes a Viking encampment, dressing up and games.

“Working alongside the JORVIK Group has been a real pleasure. In particular we have been impressed by the way in which the “Valhalla” exhibition has been modified to reflect Shropshire’s own experience of the Vikings. We have appreciated the JORVIK Group’s very supportive approach through inception, planning, and launch”

Phil Scoggins
Interpretation Officer – Shrewsbury Museum & Art Gallery