DIG: An Archaeological Adventure

DIG IT! SHAKE IT! SEE IT! FEEL IT! FIND IT!DIG:An Archaeological Adventure

As one of the few places in the country that specialises in interactive archaeology, DIG offers an experience unlike any other.

DIG is owned by the same archaeologists who discovered the Viking-Age City of Jorvik, and they are ready to pass on their skills to you! Using the same expertise and knowledge that went into such famous excavations such as the Coppergate and Hungate dig, families can learn more about history hands-on, and explore four different eras of the city of York, learning how the city has changed over the past 2000 years, and what we know about each age.

Dig, shake, see, feel and find your way through four different excavation pits. Experience finding relics from the Roman, Viking, Medieval and Victorian eras, using your skills to work out how people lived in those times, and learning about each age with exclusive artefacts and displays, where you can discover how a Viking-Age cellar was made out of an Anglo-Saxon ship, what jewellery the Romans were buried with, and how people lived in the slums of Victorian Hungate.

DIG: An Archaeological Adventure

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