Richard III & Henry VII Experiences

Two Kings, Two Gates, One City

New for 2014, The Richard III & Henry VII ExperiencesThe War of the Roses brought with it some of the bloodiest battles on English soil, as two rival dynasties fought for  control of the throne. Now, nearly 600 years later, discover the stories behind the two men who ended this bloody war, King Richard III and Henry VII and the impact they both had on York.

Based in the two historic bars at Micklegate and Monkbar on York’s city walls, you can explore the impact these monarchs had on the city of York, and find out how they lived, ruled and died. Experience a journey across the city walls, and learn the history of two of England’s most divisive Sovereigns.

Visitors can experience key battles of the Wars of the Roses, through multimedia presentations and authentic historic objects from the reign of each King. Even children can get involved in a special medieval camp at each attraction, featuring the grisly and gruesome bits of Richard and Henry’s history, provided by ‘Horrible Histories’ author, Terry Deary.

Richard III and Henry VII Experiences, on York's city walls.

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